Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As I had previously mentioned, I have been doing the Couch-to-5K workout. I had been booking right along keeping right on schedule...that is until it has come to Week 6 Day 3. It's not the first long run, but it's the longest yet, 25 minutes. Phew, and I thought that 20 minute run last week was long!

After a trip to the Under Armour store for a new pair of shorts and a couple of tank tops I had to figure that at least if I collapsed off the end of the treadmill, at least I'll look good while laying on the floor haha. Thankfully I did not make friends with the gym floor, but I also didn't make the full 25 minutes. I'd make excuses, but that doesn't get anyone anywhere, I simply need to go back and tackle it again.

My goal is to run my first 5K at the beginning of September. I'm optimistic that by then I will be able to complete a 3.1 mile run both on the treadmill and outside. There are 3 more weeks in this program once I get past the hurdle of this 25 minute run.

Do any of you have advice for long distance runs?

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