Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Luto Jewelry

Do you find yourself wanting to accessorize, but not wanting to pay some of the high prices to achieve a complete ensemble? This is exactly what motivated Leonnie to start making jewelry!

In Manchester, England, after frustrations of mounting prices Leonnie began making jewelry for herself before launching her shop, Luto. With help from her boyfriend and testing out Ebay she finally took the plunge into the Etsy world to allow her products worldwide at affordable prices.

Currently, Luto is in the process of a major re-vamp that will end with additional items and gift service. While you are anxiously awaiting these changes take a look at some of my favorite items...then visit Luto and find some favorites of your own!

Nature Charm Bracelet - Aqua, Cream and Dark Blue

Mixed Colour Leaf Charm Bracelet

Antique Gold Disc Necklace

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

artsychamelon | fotografi & props 3K Massively Fabulous Giveaway

I just wanted to take a moment to share a giveaway that I have the honor of being a vendor in. One lucky winner will be awarded everything from store credits to bow-ties to photo workshops from 51 vendors! There are several ways to enter which are all detailed on Agnes' blog.

Check it out and get your entries in by September 10!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a mess!

I seem to always find myself where things accumulate until it reaches a point of being completely intolerable anymore. I'll try to pile things up as orderly as possible, but there just comes a time where the piles are no longer organized or it takes digging to find what it is that I'm looking for. After spools of ribbon and supplies started overflowing every container I'd crammed them into it became evident that I needed to find a solution.

I'm almost embarrassed to even show these...

Last Tuesday I went to Target on a mission to find any sort of organizational devices that I thought would hold the most stuff. I should have taken the fact that I nearly tipped over pulling the box off the shelf as a sign of things to come. Granted I completely ignored the "Team Lift" label as a required precautionary measure. The instructions for assembly seemed fool proof which was mostly true however a blister later and some frustration I then realize it would be necessary to anchor this thing to the wall. Visions of Bagheera jumping on a shelf and the whole thing toppling over were flashing through my mind.

For a week this 71" tall shelving unit has been laying on my floor until this evening I decided to disassemble the top from the bottom portion and make it a more suitable size. Yes, I could have just bought the smaller bookcase to begin with however I couldn't very well return the one I had already assembled. I am pleased to present my organized supplies in all of their glory!
It just makes me want to craft!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Solhful

Anyone that knows me can count on the fact that I will 99% of the time have a camera on me. Much like my love of capturing images of yesteryear, Ana from Solhful {Photography by Ana Cole} finds inspiration by the beauty of the past. Her images have a delicate beauty about them that sent me imagining laying amongst the photographed flowers and breathing in the Midwestern country air.

In upper Minnesota, outside of photography, Ana spends her time as a wife and homeschooling mom. Her love of Classic Literature is where she draws inspiration for her photos and art. Be sure to look closely and you will see some of her favorite quotes on her prints. Aside from the utilization of quotes in Ana's art she also uses Photoshop to incorporate different tones and textures however she strives for a well exposed, high quality photo from the time the shutter closes.

High quality also translates to the materials used in printing. A very heavy cotton paper called Hahneumuhle paper is utilized with a brilliant white backdrop. The attention to quality and detail doesn't stop there. Images come matted and placed in a blue box with chocolate brown ribbon to ensure protection until it is time to frame your new piece of art.

Take a step back in time with some of my favorites:

Purple Flowers Hahnemuhle Giclee Fine Art Print "Veil of the Soul" 11x14, matted

Earthy Meadow Photograph Print Giclee Fine Art Print "No Coward Soul" 11x14, matted

Rustic Barn Stretched Canvas 11x14

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Poison Garden

Don't be scared, this shop won't hurt! In fact, the only spell you are likely to fall under from any poison is that of love...love for the beautiful merchandise found at Poison Garden! In Lafayette, IN this garden is tended by three ladies, Suzette, Crystal and Melissa. In this garden you will find whimsical, eccentric and romantic pieces with NeoVictorian, Gothic and Steampunk inspirations. For the individual looking for a standout piece, this is the place to go!

The jewelry, accessories and art in Poison Garden is made of found material, vintage jewelry, ribbons, beads, feathers, bones, crystals and more. If you haven't found the piece perfect for you this isn't a problem...these ladies adore custom orders so be sure to drop them a line. They also offer gift certificates if you know of someone that would love the gift of handmade, one-of-a-kind accessories.

See what's growing in the garden:

The Navigator Steampunk Pirate Neo Victorian Collar

Autumn Leaves Beaded Necklace vintage style, hippy bohemian

Beaded Suncatcher - Green Black and Clear

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Jaynemarie

I have always thought that there is something sophisticated about a pearl necklace. I asked for a string of pearls for Christmas a few years ago. When I opened the box to find my beloved pearls I was ecstatic and wore the necklace with anything from polo shirts to business tops. I felt like I was as distinguished as a high society debutante.

Whether you get the same feelings or not, it will surely be undeniable that you will feel extra special wearing a piece of jewelry from Jaynemarie. The highest quality gemstones and pearls can be found in carefully crafted accessories perfect for a day of shopping to your wedding day. You can rest assured that the accessory you receive will be of the highest level of craftsmanship as Jaynemarie has taken courses at local stores and jewelry schools, continuously improving and gaining knowledge of jewelry design and construction.

The decision to offer her designs for sale came about after years of making jewelry for herself. After several compliments and inquisitive questions about the accessories she was wearing she decided to share her passion with the world.

You will find stunning pieces like these pictured below at Jaynemarie:

Handmade Sterling Silver Swirly Earrings

Necklace, Wedding, White Pearls, Black MOP Flower and Onyx Beads

Handmade Carnelian BowTie Sterling Necklace

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Would you say it is counterproductive to go the gym and then come home and indulge in Ben & Jerry's Phish Food? I'd like to justify this by saying it is my reward for getting back into the program after a nearly month hiatus, but who am I kidding. I just wanted some of those delicious chocolate fish pieces covered in chocolate ice cream, marshmallow and caramel!

I'm back up to 20 minutes and trying ever so hard to get over the bump to be back to 25 minutes. It's all mental and I just can't seem to convince myself that I really can make it those extra 5 minutes. Any advice on how to push through a difficult workout?

I'm still hesitant to send in the form for the 5K in September which was my goal first 5K. I feel like worst case scenario I could take a break and walk part of it, but at the same time I feel like I'd be failing myself if that is what I did.

Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Babamoon

Are you ready for in incredibly big dose of cute?? One look at the UK mother, Naomi's Etsy shop Babamoon and I was instantly swooning. Between bunny beanies and flower headbands I wish I either had someone to dress in these adorable creations. All items are handmade, "made to order" originals with a current production time of 2-4 business days. All ages from premature to adults, girls and boys alike will find something to suit their style.

Naomi is the mother of two who not only keeps busy with her children, but also has two Etsy stores. Her focus is currently on Babamoon which is inspired by her children. The cute designs utilizing flowers, animals and bright colors are a reflection of her girlish side being brought out. Her other shop, Moonangelnay, focuses on altered digital photographs of nature inspired by her poetry. Brace yourself for some excessively cute samplings of Babamoon items

6 to 12 Month Rosette Flower Headband - Hot Pink, Black Picot Band Baby Photo Prop

Premature Newborn Little Lamp Sheep Beanie - White, Brown Bobble Hat Preemie Baby Photo Prop
3 to 6 month Newsgirl Boutique Flower Flapper Beanie - Lime Green, Baby Pink Luxury Merino Brim Hat Baby Photo Prop

To see these items and learn more about Naomi and her creations check out the following links
Babamoon shop | Moonangelnay shop | blog | Facebook