Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Ms Formaldehyde

With all of the rain and gloomy days that have graced the presence of the Midwest it is a welcome break to take a peak at the Etsy shop Ms Formaldehyde. A shop deemed to be that of tiki oasis jewelry and hair accessories offers some sunshine in the mostly cloudly skies covering Illinois.

An unemployed science girl, Kelly from San Diego, loves and finds inspiration in tiki, Polynesian, Hawaiian and Day of the Dead. She makes carved and sugar skulls which can be seen incorporated into her flower and feather creations. Kelly's accessories have feels of gothic, pin up and burlesque that are no doubt one-of-a-kind works of art.

With a love of custom orders and the ability to fulfill wholesale requests, Ms Formaldehyde would be the perfect choice for a bride looking to have unique accessories for her bridal party.

A selection of items from Ms Formaldehyde

Zombie Green Turquoise Skull Day of the Dead

Raspberry Lemon Spring Orchid Barrette

Hello Kitty Rhinestone Peacock Feather

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind accessories, Ms Formaldehyde is definately the place to go. Stop by Kelly's shop now {click here} and then don't forget to check out her blog as well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: ck silver

I am continuing the trend of mother-daughter involvement in crafting this week presenting to you ck silver. I am starting to think that maybe I need to hit my Mom up for some collaborative help on my new (yet to be stocked) Etsy shop :) Until I use my persuasiveness for a little extra elbow grease lets learn more about the ladies behind ck silver!

Cindy and Marilyn, of Washington, work to create classic pieces of jewelry that you'll be proud to wear. Cindy finds inspiration from the beauty of nature with colors focused on the earth and ocean. Much like Cindy, Marilyn loves creating from the beauty God has created. Her love for wearing silver jewelry made creating silver jewelry a natural choice.

Collaboratively Cindy and Marilyn offer beautiful, timeless, and often times one-of-a-kind pieces. Sterling silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals can be found in these elegant creations. And rest assured that the customer is priority number one; they will bend over backwards to satisfy. Customers are what keeps all of our shops going after all :)

Take a look at some of the great items at ck Silver

Tropical Paradise Bracelet in Turquoise Pearl

Champagne Swirl Sterling Silver Earrings

Eternity Blue Sodalite Necklace on Sterling Silver

For timeless jewelry delivered with great customer service stop by ck silver {click here}. Also follow their blog for features of other great Etsy artisans.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Designs by M'Ayanna

Much like last week where I wrote about the bond of a mother-daughter relationship, this week's feature connects the dots in much the same way. What began as a shop for a daughter became a new found interest for the mother. After Patrice Kelly's 10-year old daughter's jewelry making interests waned after three weeks, Patrice found herself hooked. Although her daughter's interest wasn't there anymore, Designs by M'Ayanna reflects that relationship of mother and daughter being short for "Mommy and Ayanna".

Initially, Patrice saw jewelry making as a hobby that relaxed her. She could escape daily stressors by becoming absorbed in her craft. As time went on and abilities increased, she was finding herself purchasing an increase of supplies and books to continue her growth. As her skills evolve, her products may also see some changes to reflect these new skills.

Simple, classic pieces with a sometimes unexpected twist are what comprises most of Designs by M'Ayanna. Sometimes there will be a piece larger in size because the particular components caught the eye of Patrice calling her to make something with it. I just love how the pieces have a very classic feel to them. I imagine wearing one of these pieces is like how I feel wearing my string of pearls I receieved from my parents; no matter if it's with a nice button down for work or a more casual shirt for everyday, I feel like the pearls make any outfit have an air of sophistication. This feeling teamed with some of the popular earthy hues of dusty roses and seafoam greens can bring out confidence and happiness in any wearer.

Take a peek at some of Designs by M'Ayanna's creations

MultiMixer Earrings One

NEW Wire Wrapped and Beaded Necklace

Pink Stone Crystal and Glass Bead Necklace

These items are just a small sampling of the beautiful pieces Designs by M'Ayanna has to offer. To check out these and all of the pieces created by Chicagoan stop by Designs by M'Ayanna {click here}. Then head over to Patrice's blog and Twitter and be sure to become a follower.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Our Home To Yours

As I've grown up I've become closer to my Mom. Having gone away to college and now living just a short 20 minutes away from my family I've come to learn that all too often Mom really does know best. Be it my meltdown over my first attempt at cooking a chicken in my Crock Pot to the simple chats to catch up, I know I can always count on my Mom to be there. The thing I know I always find in my Mom is a shopping buddy! Sometimes I have to wonder if many are quite as psychotic about shoes as we are. Much like my mother and I, Debbi and Amanada share a passion that they have chosen to share with the world. They've combined their creative forces to bring the world Our Home To Yours.

Debbi grew up the youngest of 10 with a artistic spirit mother. Many summers were spent at art shows cultivating a desire for Debbi to one day participate in her favorite show the Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo, NY. Now located in North Carolina, with 10 children of her own spanning the eastern seaboard, Debbi offers her creativity to make up part of Our Home To Yours.

One of Debbi's daughters, Amanda, comprises the second half of Our Home To Yours. With a Masters in Graphic Design and a passion for yarn, Amanda has been crocheting like crazy. The 15 minute distance from Amanda and her mother most likely make this a very successful collaboration.

One-of-a-kind is the speciality of this duo. Seeing something more than once is a rarity becuase these two like to try new things and feel that if you wanted to blend in, you wouldn't be shopping handmade.

A Sample of Items

Hearts of Green Dangle Earrings

Handmade Crochet Brown and Yellow Fringe Scarf

One of a Kind Custom Painted Wedding Banner
For one-of-a-kind with the loving touch of a mother-daughter duo, head over to Our Home To Yours. Be sure to also check out their Blog, Twitter, and Facebook.