Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: inkstrand

Anyone that has taken a look at my Etsy shop and blog will know that I am a lover of the aesthetic of vintage and nostalgic items. This week I bring to you a fellow BESTeam member who also has an eye for the same aesthetic to create vintage inspired jewelry and accessories. A young designer/crafter who went "east for college, south for design school and returned home up north" is behind inkstrand. Her fondness of history, sci-fi/fantasy movies, Victoriana/Steampunk, video games and retro fashion has been taken and made into what she describes as "nostaligic nerdiness" and infused into the works you see (and could be wearing).

Fresh Lavender Victorian Ornamental Adjustable Brass Ring - Chromata Ornamenta collection

This design is something I am consistantlly drawn too. The pairing of an antique ornimental design with a colorful lavendar pigment creates this beautiful and afordable ring.

Vintage Grandfather Clock Illustration brass pendant
My Great-Grandfather owned and operated an antique store from his house. I believe that is where at least one of the antique clocks came from that my parents have. Their collection has grown and I am always fascinated by the intricite decorations and pieces of each one. This pendant reminds me of these clocks.

Craft Revolution Zippered Pouch / Pencil Case - Cotton
Instantly my eye went to this pouch. the design on it is great! It is big enough to hold pens/pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, cash and keys, but is still small enough to slip into any bag.
These and several other great items can be found at inkstrand's Etsy shop {click here}
You can also find inkstrand on Twitter at
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Monday, December 20, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: Ardent Reverie

In my opinion one of a kind, beautiful and versatile accessories are a must have for any woman's wardrobe. Whether it's that piece the pulls an outfit together or the one that brings out the color of your eyes, accessories are fun to experiment with and spice up even the simplest of outfits.

Your outfits will surely be put together with an accesory from Ardent Reverie. Two sisters with two "crazy styles" come together to bring you this fabulous shop and website. Melanie and Meghan's love for crafting has been with them from a young age and has carried into their Etsy shop as a way of sharing their talent. And who wouldn't want to say they are wearing a piece from the "Accessory Artists of the Year"?! Just a few days ago the girls were awarded this honorat the RAWards Show.

Gracefully Messy Necklace - Detachable Clip

I love everything about this! From the color to the versatility, this piece is fabulous. I've seen similar knit fabric necklaces, but this one takes the cake with the detachable flower clip that can be worn in your hair.

Bella Moss Feather Clip

Feathers and an embellished bronze flower are what composes this beautiful clip. When I saw this I imagined it being perfect for a modern bride.

Intertwined Bracelet

Soft meets edgy in this bracelet. No need to fuss with clasps because the fabric allows the bracelet to be stretched and slipped on with ease.

After you check out these and other great accessories on Etsy {click here} head over to Melanie and Meghan's website. It is a sure must see where you can find everything from their blog to fashion and music information. Go check it out at

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Friday, December 17, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: Write Owl

I remeber when I was young that each school year would start with a trip to the store for new school supplies. One of the best parts was picking up the perfect folders and decorative notebooks. The brightly colored Lisa Frank notebooks were quite coveted and started the new school year off with a bang. What would have really made a statement would've been to start the year with a custom journal from Write Owl!

A book making kit given to Jean at the age of eight is not only why Write Owl makes books today, but also what spawned her to become a collector of stories. This life changing gift not only brings beautiful journal, but the goal of giving "something meaningful back to people, to connect with them, and to encourage them to make their own stories."

Aside from journals, Write Owl also has some beautiful ceramics pieces. The projects done by Jean starts from a spark of possibly off-kilter inspiration, but grow into something wonderful. She describes having made lighting instruments from kitchen utensils which leaves me quite curious to see such things! The hope of Write Owl is that her pieces are used and not just set out to display and inevitable gather dust. If you're wanting to be inspired and let your own creativity flow, be sure to get your orders in by December 20th as this will be the last day orders are shipped out before the new year! As a part of Write Owl's New Years resolution, so to speak, she will be starting new projects which will inclue 2011 Weekly Planners, a new line of pencil cups and picture frames! Until then be sure to head over to Write Owl's Etsy shop {click here} and check out these beautiful items below and all the other great products.

Orange Expressions Hardback Journal

Gold Leaves Coptic Stitch Journal

Pink and Brown Cupcake Hardback Journal

Twitter: @writeowldesigns

Friday, December 10, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: Elle's Beads

Are you still trying to figure out the perfect holiday gift for the "modern fashionista" in your life? Look no further than Elle's Beads! Elle, from Raleigh, North Carolina, has a shop full of one of a kind, handmade jewelry and accessories in an array of colors and styles. Her items range from vintage inspired to modern and funky. Elle's love of taking recycled goods, donated and discarded items and repurposed modern fabrics shines through all of her beautiful and unique pieces. The items are arranged by color palletes which made me very excited to turn to the next page to see what awaited.

Carpetbagger Flower Brooch with Gold and Silver Vintage Button

I instantly loved this brooch! After reading the description, I loved it even more. The name carpetbagger flower was given because of the resemblance to the print on suitcases and luggage. How clever. Both fabrics used are recycled with a vintage gold and silver button in the center of the flower.

Funky Aqua Beaded Owl Adjustable Ring

These aqua shades are gorgeous! I enjoy the fact that somewhat hidden amongst the beautiful beads of Czech fire polished glass blue bead, resin flake beads and textured glass cube beads is a plastic owl bead :) Plus, the ring is adjustable so it will be sure to please virtually anyone.

Black Mosquitos - Funky Beaded Obsidian Fashion Chandelier Earrings

These earrings certainly are unique. The finding is used as the frame, which has seven loops, where beads and strands are dangling from. The gray and black patterend focal beads appear to be snowflakeobsidian semiprecious stones. A perfect statement for a night on the town.

Find these, and other great items, by heading over to Elle's Beads on Etsy. While you're there, treat yourself to an affordable, hip new accessory :)

Also, be sure to follow Elle's blog at: and become a fan on Facebook:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: moonangelnay

I'm so excited to feature a fellow BESTeamer and photographer this week! From across the pond, as some say, Naomi is behind the Etsy shop moonangelnay which is filled with beautiful nature photography inspired by animals, flowers, landscapes, vintage, dreams and vibrant color. Although her pieces would make beautiful additions to any home's wall, Naomi's objective is to make her work more than just physical art, but rather something to think about. She brings the contrasts of her interest in both light and dark and in between through form, color, mantra and poetry to beautifully achieve this. Her description of her love of "spectral brightness and the gothic glamor of monotone, instead of being quite the opposite, can be meshed together like light refracting through broken darkness" draws a beautiful visual itself.

Perusing her shop is enjoyable not only for the visual interest of her items, but also to click each one and read the quote she has associated with each photo. I definately find myself looking at the photos more closely after having read the passage she has chosen to associate with each one.

Photos are offered on your choice of paper with the option requesting a different size or media to be printed on such as photo jewelry. There is also the option of choosing any print to have on mounted canva or wooden artbox.

I highly recommend you visit moonangelnay's Etsy shop {click here} and take the time to take Naomi's photos for more than face value. You can also check out her baby accessory store at moonangelnay's blog is definately worth checking out as well as it is filled with daily themes (be sure to check out her Thursday Blog Hop Link Party...doesn't that sound fun?!) You can follow her blog at

I will leave you with some of my favorites that I feel say more in their beauty than my reasoning of why I like them ever could!

A Heart Of Gold 8x12 or 8x10 Inch Fine Art Photo

A Dark Heart 4x6 Inch Fine Art Photo

The Lovers Spoke 5x7 Inch Fine Art Photo