Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: RJ Design Hut

Judy of RJ Design Hut fell in love with jewelry making after several other artistic endeavors. She began this adventure 5 years ago and has found Etsy the perfect platform to showcase her creations to the world. Silver is Judy's favorite to work with which can be seen in many of her unique pieces along with Swarovski crystals and beads of brilliant colors. Jewelry that can compliment anyone has been a goal and I think that there is enough variety to suit anyone's fancy.

The Fruit Dream Jade Bead Cascade Earrings, pictured here, are a beautiful testimant to the beauty and love of silver that can be found at RJ Design Hut. Needing a gift for someone? All pieces arrive gift packaged and ready for gift giving. If this isn't enough of a perk, all shipping within the US is FREE! Who doesn't love those kind of incentives?! If I haven't enticed you enough see for yourself the beauty in the jewelry of RJ Design Hut {click here} Also check out Judy's blog that offers Etsy features and useful tutorials by visiting Last, but not least, become a fan of RJ Design Hut on Facebook!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Redemption Art

If you are anything like me I have longed for the sun we are finally being graced with. The rays beating down make me want to close my eyes and drift away to a nice, warm beach. I can almost hear the waves crashing and feel the cool breeze. Until I'm snapped back to reality and realize the closest thing to a beach I will be seeing anytime soon are the unappealing shores of the Illinois River :-/ However, it would be possible to further the daydream by snagging some of the vintage pieces straight from Hawaii that are found in Redemption Art's Etsy shop!

Connie, the proprietor of Redemption Art, grew up in Hawaii and feels this upbringing played a large part in her love of all things Hawaii. After spending 25 years in the corporate world she is now doing something she loves with her Etsy shop by offering vintage, retro and redeemed pieces with the intent of offering her art as her skills progress.

The vintage offerings are all so unique there is sure to be something that stirs up a memory or conversation for anyone. Connie hopes the offerings bring joy to your heart especially because the ycome with a BIG slice of Aloha! So surf on over to Redemption Art {click here} and find yourself your own little slice of Hawaii. Also be sure to check out her blog at

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: All About Cats

I always would've considered myself a dog person despite growing up with a cat. We rescued our family cat despite the chance of my Dad's allergies not agreeing with this new furry friend. She was an all black cat that was named Whiskers after my quite juvenille ideas of licorice and jelly bean were shot down. When I grew up a little and realized that not only was the name Whiskers lacking creativity, but I had a better name I proclaimed if I were to ever get a cat again it would have to be all black so I could name it Bagheera like the black panther in The Jungle Book. A year ago I did just that by adopting my little fur baby and I've been pretty attached ever since. Much like myself, Linda, is the owner of three rescued cats who now live in the lap of luxury and most likely benefit from the creations you can find in her Etsy shop, All About Cats.

In Linda's shop you will find handmade items for cats and the humans who love cats (as her banner states). These fleece little creations, like the one you see above, are filled with organic catnip, two bells encased in fleece and fiberfill. If you'd prefer your cat's new toy to be sans catnip, contact Linda and she will gladly make a toy to suit your specifications. With catnip or without, these adorable toys will be sure to provide endless entertainment for any cat!
To get your fill of great cat related items check out All About Cats {click here}. You can also check out All About Cats' blog and become a fan on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

After two, what I would consider valiant, attempts of getting my car out of my parking lot I am now officially having a snow day! Trying to shovel a car out of at least 2 foot tall drifts only to get stuck and have to shovel some more really is a good arm workout ;) I have been thinking recently about trying to sell my wood panel paintings again. I'm not sure if it's better to have an Etsy shop focused on one medium or not. When I started my Etsy shop that was all I was selling was wood panel paintings, like you see pictured here. I then started doing invitations/save-the-date cards, but quickly felt that this was not giving me the stress relief I was looking for and was becoming an extension of work. I'm now exclusively selling photos as I felt that focusing on one thing was the best idea. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated! Would it be messy/less appealing to have a shop with photos and paintings? Are the wood panel paintings intriguing enough to make another go of it? Help! Haha.

With that said I'm going to enjoy the rest of my snow day...I hope everyone else that is buried in snow is enjoying theirs as well :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Mya Bruce Designs

As the much anticipated snowstorm has started attacking the Midwest, I am here to bring you Mya Bruce Designs! The inspiration behind the shop name and creations comes from Leah's children's middle names. For years she designed customized photo invitations and announcements for her kids before finally deciding to offer her creativity to others. She loves working with photos to bring that special touch of personalization to each creation. The best part? Once you have have approved what Mya Bruce Designs has created, you simply purchase and download the high resolution image and print the product yourself!

A recent venture in her shop is the addition of jewelry. I absolutely love these personalized pieces! I think personalized pieces are gaining popularity and make excellent gifts. The bracelet pictured I absolutely love! I have some birthdays coming up that this may make a great present...or I may just have to treat myself ;)
To check out both of these great products stop by Mya Bruce Designs on Etsy {click here}. Then check out Mya Bruce Designs' blog where she shares food and craft findings as well as reviews of other Etsy shops as part of the Etsy BESTeam. The photos of her food finds are enough to make your mouth water! After stopping by her blog head over to Facebook to become a fan and follow Mya Bruce Designs on Twitter.