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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey look, it's me posting a "Workout Wednesday"...and I've actually worked out! July has been rough and I'm very disappointed in myself for getting so off track after going 6 weeks with no setbacks. The summer cold I had after the 4th of July was not only a lesson in how miserable summer colds are, but also in not milking a bout of sickness for all it's worth. I kept making the excuse that my breathing wasn't "normal" yet so how could I possibly expect to be able to run?! I think I used that excuse about a week past its expiration date.

I've about exhausted every possible excuse I could make. I should have just faced it that the idea of trying to hop back in on week 7 for 25 minutes of continuous running simply wasn't going to happen. I'd have to go back and repeat some days. After making a few bows this afternoon I took a break and headed to the gym ready to go back to the beginning of week 6...5 min. warmup, 5 min run, 3 min walk, 8 min. run, 5 min walk, 5 min run, 5 min cool-down. Was it easy? No. Did I finish it? Yes I did!

Tomorrow I'll try for day two of week 6 which will be two 10 minute runs. I'm not sure that the idea of running for 30 minutes continuously will ever be less daunting. I'm starting to feel like my 5k goal of running my first race in September may not be as obtainable as I thought. But once again, I think I'm just making excuses.

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing to get out and off the couch?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: JVoyage

Is there ever a day where you wish you could escape and go back to being a kid? A time where there weren't bills to pay and your biggest worry was what you'd have for an afternoon snack. In Massachusetts the marketing executive behind JVoyage just may be using Etsy as her escape from adult life.

The mother of two children finds her days at work and evenings helping with homework, but she is a child at heart. With a love of "the intersection between vintage and contemporary..." You'll be sure to find a great assortment of vintage items to take you back to

Raggedy Andy Loves Corn Flakes 5x7 print

Being a graphic designer I always find old advertisements to be interesting. It especially amazes me considering there weren't computers and fancy programs to create all of the print and advertisements like we see today.

Disney Treasury - Little Golden Books - 22 Disney Favorites

When you mention Little Golden Books to me I instantly am transported to the times where I was a little pigtailed girl visiting my Grandparent's house. Combine that nostalgic thought with my love of Disney and this is the perfect collection for me to pretend I'm still that 5-year old girl.

Girl with Candy in Her Apron - bottle cap charm

Take this good luck charm with you wherever you go or have her made into a magnet or pin to proudly display your vintage memento.

To be taken on a trip to yesteryear stop by JVoage at any of the following locations

Monday, July 25, 2011


What I'm Listening To:
Foster the People "Pumped Up Kicks" from Torches

Plain and simple, this song makes me really happy! There is something about it that makes it nearly impossible to not tap your toes or want to dance in your seat. I thought this would be a great way to start off the work week.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Creativity Bugs


Whenever I discover a fellow teammate has ties to Illinois I instantly get excited. You'd think I was under the assumption that the state was the size of a small town and there's a chance we'll run into each other at the grocery store or something! Although we won't be bumping into each other in the produce aisle anytime soon, Sue and Sandy hail from Illinois and have a darling little shop on Etsy called Creativity Bugs.

This sister duo have grown up crafters with early exposure from their mom. Sue deems herself as a "crafty crafter" while Sandy is a crafter, artist and seamstress. Much like so many Etsians, Creativity Bugs began from making gifts for family and friends before turning into an Etsy business venture. In January their store was open for business offering paper crafts & gifts, handmade cards, doll clothing and much more.

You can expect a high level of quality with nothing leaving their shop unless it upholds their motto "lovingly crafted items for others to love & cherish". I'm sure you will find something you will cherish such as the following items that I personally love...

Soothing Foot Salts with Decorative Red Flower Gift Tag

Red Tea Light Flower Favor

Butterfly Thank You Card - Blank Inside

For your next lovingly handcrafted gift item let Creativity Bugs create something "...with creativity and a pinch of kindness & love".
shop | blog | facebook

Monday, July 18, 2011

What I'm Listening To:
Sublime "Santeria" from Sublime

As you are reading this I am fulfilling a bucket list item...well sort of. I've always wanted to see Sublime, however impossible due to the all-to-soon death of frontman Bradley Nowell in 1996. With the two remaining members and a new frontman, Rome Ramirez, Sublime with Rome is now touring with the recent release of their album "Yours Truly". "Santeria" is the song that got me hooked on Sublime in the first place. There is something about the reggae-ska style that is perfect summer listening.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm failing miserably at Workout Wednesday not only as a standing blog feature, but actually doing the workout. I have a reason for skipping yesterday....I was at the Jelly Belly Warehouse!

So I bring you family time as my "Thankful Thursday". My Mom, Dad and brother along with my Uncle and his children loaded up for a daytrip to Pleasant Prairie, WI. I would have been in for a rude awakening had I not looked at the Jelly Belly website Tuesday evening. Little did I know we were going to the warehouse NOT the factory (the factory is in California).

After arriving and a brief wait in the lobby we were greeted with paper hats and directed through a corridor into the warehouse. We loaded up on the "train" and waited to learn what Jelly Belly has to offer. The tour consisted of different stops to watch a short video about everything from the history to how taffy is made (I didn't know they had taffy and candy corn...learn something new everyday).

The tour lasted about 30 minutes and let us off at the store to do some sampling and shopping. This was the part I was looking forward to. Samples are free with flavors ranging from your classic standbys to some special Harry Potter beans in flavors like grass, booger, earthworm, rotten eggs, vomit, sausage and soap to name a few. I tried booger and grass and lets just say I di d not fill up a bag with either of those flavors!

After perusing the store and filling up a bag to take home it was photo op time. Here is a picture of my cousin and I rocking our tour hats in front of a special VW Beattle...

What a great time!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Ancient Oils

Stress is a common feeling among people. Whether it be stress over work or bills, it always seems to crop up for one reason or another. There are several ways to take control and manage those feelings one being enlisting the healing power of essential oils. "Mankind's First Medicine" can be found at Lilly's shop, Ancient Oils.

From Cincinnati, Ohio with a degree in Metaphysics and certifications in Holistic Energy Healing, Lilly uses this knowledge to create each unique blend in what she refers to as Goddess Blends. These blends utilize therapeutic grade essential oils, all natural botanicals and the purest sea salts available paired together to "respectfully represent aspects of each goddess: Artemis for strength, Gala for Grounding, Coventina for Purification" just to name a few.

These Goddess Blends are designed to enhance your individual Goddess principals and remove blockages in energy centers. I feel like my spirits are being lifted just reading about these great products!

A Sampling of Products:
Bast - Egyptian Cat Goddess Nail Formula 10 ml

Divine Kiss Bath Salt - for Universal Oneness, Love and Peace, 10 oz

LinkRhassoul Clay in Holiday Gift Box 2 oz

Check out Ancient Oils at all of the following locations:



Monday, July 11, 2011


What I'm Listening To:
Mumford and Sons "The Cave" from Sigh No More

I get really excited whenever this songs comes on iTunes radio while I'm at work. I do however still have some slight bitterness that the chance to see them live fell short when tickets sold out within minutes of being released to the public. In a word - love :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've skipped Workout Wednesday and this will be a short Thankful Thursday because I've been hit with a cold :-/ That being said, I am thankful it is happening now and will hopefully be over it before my trip to the Jelly Belly Factory next Wednesday!

The biggest thing I am thankful for this week is social networking and awesome fans! In less than a week I saw my Facebook page grow from a little over 30 fans to a healthy 103 as of today. The feat was accomplished with a little help from various promotion pages on Facebook including: The Craft Show, Fan Page Promote, USA S.I.T.T. and Etsy FB FANatics. Check them out if you are looking to increase your fan base as they hold weekly and sometimes multi-day promotions to visit other pages. Most people reciprocate any "like" you have given out.

Because of reaching a goal of 100 fans before July is over I am currently offering a discount to all my Facebook fans until August 6. Head over to my Facebook page to find out more :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


BESTeam Feature :: Mossy Creek Soap

I'm a day behind after a fun-filled holiday weekend, but I'm back and so excited to introduce you to Mossy Creak Soap! Warner Robins, Georgia is home to Michelle and the studio Mossy Creek Soap Studio where the art of Handcrafted Soapmaking and Design takes place. Michelle is a Certified Handcrafted Soapmaker earning the certification from the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.

Working for a company doing home spa parties is what got Michelle hooked on soaps. After the company closed their at home division and some convincing from her husband is when the journey of making her own soap began. All soaps are handmade from scratch utilizing olive and sunflower oils enriched with Shea butter.

Where we make Handmade soaps from scratch with olive and sunflower oils enriched with Shea butter. Taking a month to cure to perfection you will be able to find scents ranging from lavender to lemongrass. At Mossy Creek Soap you'll be able to find not only bars, but also body butter, soy candles and gift baskets.

Here are some products I love:

Mocha & Coffee Soap
Bubble Me Happy Basket
Lemon Eucalyptus Soap

For these items and many more head over to Mossy Creek Soap {click here} You can also view a complete line on For adventures in soapmaking be sure to stop by Mossy Creek's blog

Monday, July 4, 2011


What I'm Listening To:
Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA" from American Patriot

Every 4th of July this is the song that can make me be moved to the edge of tears. I don't know that I've ever been to a fireworks display it isn't played at. I remember the song from my childhood for a different reason - hearing it play while I was clinging to my Uncle in terror after witnessing a not yet extinguished firework remnant land on a lady sitting next to us (she was fine). As I've grown older and forever having the events of September 11 in my memory this song takes on a whole new meaning for me. Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!