Getting To Know Me

I always love to read about other people...the fun facts, quirks, experiences and any other information that doesn't really fit into the standard, more "professional" about me sections. I think these are the most interesting, fun and honest so I thought I would share a little about me. Feel free to comment or ask questions...I'm always happy to talk :)

:: My first Etsy shop name, Danizabeth comes from a combination of my first and middle name: Danielle Elizabeth. My second Etsy shop, Chicky D's also has a story behind it. As a child my parents began calling me "Chicky" and still do to this day.  Some of my friends refer to me simply as "D" so I combined the two for two reasons: My friends and family mean the world to me and have been my biggest support system...and it sounds kind of like chickadee (even though I didn't utilize one in my shop banner, oops).

:: I am left handed. I've never really understood why I feel the need to share this like it's some rare feat.

:: Probably my biggest guilty pleasure is shoes!

:: I am a huge music lover. Not much gets me more excited than seeing a concert and I've seen several.

The fabulous Brandon Boyd  :)  Incubus at Northerly Island - Chicago 2009

:: I am a hopelessly dedicated Cubs fan. Just don't ask me to go to a game with you if you want to see a Cubs win...I've only seen them win once out of all the times I've gone to a game.

:: I grew up with a black cat as a pet. I always said the only way I would ever get another cat was if it was black so I could name it Bagheera (the black panther in "The Jungle Book"). In January 2010 I adopted my Bagheera

:: I LOVE the beach. I think it's the Pisces in me ;)

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico :: April 2009

:: I love to dance.

:: It's a dream of mine to open a bakery.

:: I am a very picky eater and also quite a quirky one. I hate being the first person to dip into a new container of something such as peanut butter among other things.

:: I have this fear of people hiding in dumpsters...I think I need to lay off watching so much "The First 48" ;)

Any questions, just ask :)

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