Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BESTeam Feature:: Beader Bubbe

Juggling being a mother of five, grandmother of six and a job that she will soon be retiring from, it is hard to imagine where Agnes finds the time to craft. In Brooklyn, the creations at Beader Bubbe are being made and brought to you. A lot of the jewelry doesn't even make it to Etsy because Agnes' family and co-workers snap up the pieces before anyone else gets to see them!

There are no favorites when it comes to a medium used as Agnes loves using anything from crystal, paper beads, polymer clay and stamping. Aside from jewelry in these mediums you will also find handmade t-shirts, baby outfits and canvas bags that are handpainted and a result of a collaboration with a friend. Suzie Q Creations can be found on Beader Bubbe's Etsy as a means of two friends joining forces :)

If you're like most people Mondays are not something to look forward to. On Beader Bubbe Mondays should be a great thing because one item is offered with a 10% discount every Monday!

A Sampling of Beader Bubbe Items

Unakite Accent Bead Bracelet

Boney Earrings

Rainbow Necklace

Check out Beader Bubbe's blog where you can directly purchase items at http://www.beaderbubbe.blogspot.com/ or purchase items on Etsy {click here} Don't forget to like her Facebook page at http://facebook.com/beaderbubbe.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: The Pendant Studio

Amidst the beads and bling of of Etsy jewelry designers the soldered beauty of The Pendant Studio can be found. Offering pendants, custom charms, keychains, magents, gift tags and personalized items, Aimee offeres a unique option for the non-traditional jewelry wearer. As a part-time Michigian groundskeeper and full-time crafter, uses her creativity and perfectionism to create pieces with every detail attended to and done to a perfectionists standards.

A wide array of pendants can be found at The Pendant Studio to suit your mood. If it can't be found, it can be made. Aimee loves making custom pendants...as she says, "if it can be made cute and under glass, I will try it."

The Pendant Studio's creations differ from resin pendants in that the seal of lead free solder creates great protection against spills and splashing by enclosing the image between glass and mirror tires. Care must still be taken when wearing the pendants as they are still not completely waterproof.

Some of my favorite items:

Save the Date Custom Pendant - Great for baby due dates, wedding parties, birthdays...

Keep Calm Eat Cupcakes - soldered glass pendant with Swarovski crystal

Little Birdie Soldered Glass Magnet

To see these, and other great soldered items, check out The Pendant Studio on Etsy by clicking here. You can also check out Aimee's blog here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Crafted Love

I just spent well over an hour immersed in the blog of Crafted Love. When going to try to find out a little more about the owner of the etsy shop by the same name, I became immersed in information, fun features and DIY projects. I felt a connection with Allison Kaye with the numerous similarities -- graphic designers, amateur photographers, music junkies and known to have too many ideas than what time allows.

Aside from a blog well worth a look at, Crafted Love Handmade has numerous feminine custom accessories to make any special occassion unique. Based out of southern Ohio, Allison Kaye aims to make accessories as unique as the wearer. Her shop includes hair flowers and clips, heandbands and shoe clips. All items are made from quality local and imported fabrics of silk, satin, lace and trim. Aside from adding a unique touch, all items are affordable.

Small Flower Trio Hair Clip - Maroon & Gold Chrysantemum Set

Beaded Maroon Satin Floral Statement Necklace

Set of Two Blue Rosette Earrings

A lover of social media there are several ways to learn more about Crafted Love. Starting with her Etsy shop, Crafted Love and then her blog then check her out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, About Me, Pinterest, Foursquare, Flickr, Formspring and Bloglovin'. Or you can alway email her at craftedlove@ymail.com ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Your Daily Jewels

I remember going to my brother's physical therapy sessions when we were younger. His therapist, a die-hard Cubs fan, would give my brother a prize at the end of the session as a reward. I clearly remember a white baseball card book with a letter 'C' in that lovely Cubbie blue. Maybe I remember it because this particular time I was fortunate enough to get a prize along with my brother just for being there. These prizes obviously made an impact which is why I immediately recalled this story when I read Your Daily Jewels profile.

Norah, a physical therapist from the east coast, began her jewelry creating when she needed a simple reward system for the children she works with. A story accompanied each creation detailing the significance of each bead and stone used. The rewards were a success and the birth of a new creative outlet began.

Don't think the story ends as a reward for her patients. You too can wear these gorgeous handmade, semiprecious, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Each piece bursts with color that demands attention. Norah's aim is "to create modern, glamorous and affordable jewelry that women will be happy to wear everyday". I can't imagine any not being delighted to wear jewelry from Your Daily Jewels.
Here are some of my favorite pieces that can be found on Etsy

Pink Sapphire Swarovski Flower Bouquet Earrings

Teal Blue Fire Agate and Lemon Quartz Bracelet in Colors of the Shoreline

Antiqued Silver Flower Petal Pendant Necklace with Fresh Water Pearl Stamens

Aside from checking out Your Daily Jewels {click here} you have the opportunity to be entered into monthly give-aways simply by following the shop on Facebook. Norah's original store consisting of jewelry that has been reconstructed from vintage or broken jewelry can be found at http://www.pjclarke.etsy.com. Don't forget to show your support by checking out Norah's blog at http://www.yourdailyjewels.blogspot.com and following on twitter at http://www.twitter.yourdailyjewels.com

The Airborne Toxic Event
The discovery of this amazing band was a matter of being at the right show at the right time, I guess you could say. After going to Lollapalooza for the first time in 2007 and my boyfriend becoming a big fan of The Fratellis, I bought him tickets to see them at the House of Blues. There were a few opening bands and The Airborne Toxic Event just happened to be one of them. I remember us looking at each other during their set, smiling and nodding in shared agreement that this was definately a band we would have to be checking into.
We scooped up their c.d. and had repeated conversations exclaiming, "We're going to see them again if they come around this area again!" In 2009 they were in the Lollapalooza lineup which only solidified the fact that we would be in attendance. We plotted our plan of attack for the weekend; who we'd be seeing, the locations of each stage and the time slots of each band. Our excitement was brimming when we staked our claim on a front row spot to see the band performing before them and didn't budge from that spot til after we had seen The Airborne Toxic Event.
They exceeded my expectations. I couldn't stand still. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt compelled to sing along. If I wasn't hooked before, I was without a doubt now.
When I learned a new album was in the works I anxiously awaited details. The new album in which the single "Changing" will be on is hitting stores April 26th in the U.S. and April 25th in Europe. While I'm awaiting the release of "All At Once" I urge you to check this band out and their video for the song "Changing". Enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Off The Wall Expression

Looking for a way to tranform your space giving it personality without spending a ton of money? Look no further than Off The Wall Expressions. This huband-wife duo specialize in high quality vinyl graphics. These vinyl lettering and wall art pieces are the designs of Off The Wall Expressions and are made of high quality vinyl in a variety of colors.

The possibilities are virtually endless with these quick and easy designs. The vinyl can be used to decorate, make a statement, motivate, inspire and amuse on any smooth surface from walls to windows to refrigerators to picture frames!
The high-quality vinyl in a matte finish that is used gives a "hand-painted" appearance that will be the envy of all of your friends. You can easily remove the decals however care must be taken when putting the vinyl in the desired location as repositioning and reusing them is not possible. No fear though, simple application and removal instructions as well as an extra practice decal are included with your order!

Discover all of the possibilities for creating your unique space by heading over to Off The Wall Expressions {click here}. To see available colors and new products check out their blog here. For sales and coupon codes be sure to 'like' Off The Wall Expressions on Facebook.