Thursday, December 2, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: moonangelnay

I'm so excited to feature a fellow BESTeamer and photographer this week! From across the pond, as some say, Naomi is behind the Etsy shop moonangelnay which is filled with beautiful nature photography inspired by animals, flowers, landscapes, vintage, dreams and vibrant color. Although her pieces would make beautiful additions to any home's wall, Naomi's objective is to make her work more than just physical art, but rather something to think about. She brings the contrasts of her interest in both light and dark and in between through form, color, mantra and poetry to beautifully achieve this. Her description of her love of "spectral brightness and the gothic glamor of monotone, instead of being quite the opposite, can be meshed together like light refracting through broken darkness" draws a beautiful visual itself.

Perusing her shop is enjoyable not only for the visual interest of her items, but also to click each one and read the quote she has associated with each photo. I definately find myself looking at the photos more closely after having read the passage she has chosen to associate with each one.

Photos are offered on your choice of paper with the option requesting a different size or media to be printed on such as photo jewelry. There is also the option of choosing any print to have on mounted canva or wooden artbox.

I highly recommend you visit moonangelnay's Etsy shop {click here} and take the time to take Naomi's photos for more than face value. You can also check out her baby accessory store at moonangelnay's blog is definately worth checking out as well as it is filled with daily themes (be sure to check out her Thursday Blog Hop Link Party...doesn't that sound fun?!) You can follow her blog at

I will leave you with some of my favorites that I feel say more in their beauty than my reasoning of why I like them ever could!

A Heart Of Gold 8x12 or 8x10 Inch Fine Art Photo

A Dark Heart 4x6 Inch Fine Art Photo

The Lovers Spoke 5x7 Inch Fine Art Photo

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  1. thanks for this wonderful feature! it's really great :)