Friday, December 17, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: Write Owl

I remeber when I was young that each school year would start with a trip to the store for new school supplies. One of the best parts was picking up the perfect folders and decorative notebooks. The brightly colored Lisa Frank notebooks were quite coveted and started the new school year off with a bang. What would have really made a statement would've been to start the year with a custom journal from Write Owl!

A book making kit given to Jean at the age of eight is not only why Write Owl makes books today, but also what spawned her to become a collector of stories. This life changing gift not only brings beautiful journal, but the goal of giving "something meaningful back to people, to connect with them, and to encourage them to make their own stories."

Aside from journals, Write Owl also has some beautiful ceramics pieces. The projects done by Jean starts from a spark of possibly off-kilter inspiration, but grow into something wonderful. She describes having made lighting instruments from kitchen utensils which leaves me quite curious to see such things! The hope of Write Owl is that her pieces are used and not just set out to display and inevitable gather dust. If you're wanting to be inspired and let your own creativity flow, be sure to get your orders in by December 20th as this will be the last day orders are shipped out before the new year! As a part of Write Owl's New Years resolution, so to speak, she will be starting new projects which will inclue 2011 Weekly Planners, a new line of pencil cups and picture frames! Until then be sure to head over to Write Owl's Etsy shop {click here} and check out these beautiful items below and all the other great products.

Orange Expressions Hardback Journal

Gold Leaves Coptic Stitch Journal

Pink and Brown Cupcake Hardback Journal

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