Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a mess!

I seem to always find myself where things accumulate until it reaches a point of being completely intolerable anymore. I'll try to pile things up as orderly as possible, but there just comes a time where the piles are no longer organized or it takes digging to find what it is that I'm looking for. After spools of ribbon and supplies started overflowing every container I'd crammed them into it became evident that I needed to find a solution.

I'm almost embarrassed to even show these...

Last Tuesday I went to Target on a mission to find any sort of organizational devices that I thought would hold the most stuff. I should have taken the fact that I nearly tipped over pulling the box off the shelf as a sign of things to come. Granted I completely ignored the "Team Lift" label as a required precautionary measure. The instructions for assembly seemed fool proof which was mostly true however a blister later and some frustration I then realize it would be necessary to anchor this thing to the wall. Visions of Bagheera jumping on a shelf and the whole thing toppling over were flashing through my mind.

For a week this 71" tall shelving unit has been laying on my floor until this evening I decided to disassemble the top from the bottom portion and make it a more suitable size. Yes, I could have just bought the smaller bookcase to begin with however I couldn't very well return the one I had already assembled. I am pleased to present my organized supplies in all of their glory!
It just makes me want to craft!

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