Thursday, June 16, 2011

BESTeam Feature :: Blue White Wear

When East meets West by way of South you get Blue White Wear. When a born and raised American finds herself living in Bangkok, Thailand for 9 years there is sure to be some sort of cultura influence. In this case, the Chinese blue and white beads captivated her attention and prompted her to create necklaces utilizes these beads mixed with other materials.

At Blue and White Wear unique women will find the perfect unique jewelry to compliment their style. Necklackes, bracelets and earrings with an oriental touch comprise this Etsy shop. Gorgeous colors and dainty pendants quickly caught my eye. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cinnabar Squares Earrings

Chop Suey Bracelet

Porcelain Potpourri Necklace

On a new adventure with her husband, Blue White Wear is currently located in Santiago, Chile. Perhaps this will spawn new inspiration and we will find Chilean inspired pieces in the future.

In the meantime stop by Blue White Wear's Etsy shop for her unique, modern East meets West pieces {click here}. Also stop by her blog and Twitter.

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