Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 3 Day 3: I can't breathe!

No worries, I still have a pulse. I am however finding my two biggest issues with this 5k training is that I have difficulty keeping a pace within my ability and that I have problems properly breathing. I knew breathing correctly was going to be a problem as it always has been. The more I focus on trying to breath properly, the harder time I have breathing at all.

I started working out at the gym in the fall in hopes that by the time the weather was nice I would be able to be really active outside. I've quickly realized that running on a treadmill is completely different than running outside. It's a lot easier to maintain a comfortable pace when a machine is controlling that for you. I guess I feel like with all of the open road in front of me I really have to take off to cover as much ground as possible.

My goal this coming week will be to get a handle on these two things because week four will not be getting any easier...alternating 3 and 5 minute jogging intervals, yikes!

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