Thursday, December 15, 2011

BESTeam Quartet

You would think that at my age the excitement of the holidays wouldn't cause me to become so excitable and lacking focus. I've found myself at work having a horrible time focusing on doing actual work. It finally dawned on me that it can be attributed to my excitement for the fast approaching holidays. A company Christmas party tomorrow, a decorating contest with co-workers Saturday and the obvious celebrations with family have me giddy with excitement and anticipation. In honor of these celebrations, I've gathered up some great "red" BESTeam items for you to enjoy!

These earrings remind me of holly berries and would look great dangling from any ear at a holiday party! Busy mother and grandmother, Agnes of Beader Bubbe, offers a variety of jewelry sure to please a variety of shoppers.

LinkEarthy Warm Colors Hand Painted Charmeuse Silk Scarf - Red & Brown

You will be the talk of the party in a beautiful hand painted scarf from Joy Flower. Scarf styles are based on seasonal trends, fashion and Joy's personal inspiration.

Tucked amongst the cool, icy jewels and earthy accessories of ck Silver, these beautiful holiday earrings are a real attention grabber. Cindy's specialty of sterling silver can be seen in these elegant earrings.
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Your hair can not be forgotten and this feather accent is the perfect accessory! Ms. Formaldehyde offers accessories you won't find anywhere else. If you are someone that loves to have a piece that generates a buzz, but not everyone will have, this is the place to shop

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  1. I just love the festive colors you've featured this week! I am all a-flutter with the holidays too, guests arriving from out of town and cookie baking marathons! Happy Holidays!!

    ~ Joy

  2. Love the feature....have a great holiday...

  3. Beautiful reds! Merry Christmas, Danielle! Enjoy the holidays - -

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  4. oh, I'm giddy too, and exhausted, lol. love the reds...good color to wake me back up.
    - ourhometoyours

  5. Lovely items - I just love the silk scarf.

  6. I'm doing a little happy dance, the red silk scarf has sold this week! I hope your holiday activities are well underway and that you have a blessed holiday, however you celebrate!


  7. That is awesome, Joy! Congrats to you on the sale of your beautiful scarf!

  8. GORGEOUS <3 I love all the reds :) so prettiful

    <3 Gracie