Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BESTeam Trio

"Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity." ~Bo Bennett

This week I ask the questions, what inspires you? How do you take your inspiration and turn it into something fabulous? This week's trio brings three very inspiring shops: The Orange Windmill, Empty on the Inside and CK Silver. What better place to capture your ideas than in a beautiful hand-bound leather journal?! The Orange Windmill is the perfect place to find just that. A dutch girl calling Canada her home, Shirley loves all things handmade. Her journals are made from scratch of hand-cut leather and hand torn sheets of paper. They are so gorgeous I wouldn't want to dirty the pages.
Leather Journal, Green, Hand-Bound 4.5 x 6 Journal
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Annie from Empty on the Inside wants you to use your own inspiration to finish the cards she makes. Phrases of beauty being skin deep and beautiful inside and out morphed into Empty on the Inside. This name is not a reflection of sadness or loneliness, but instead a symbol of leaving space on the inside of her hand-painted cards for a personal, heart-felt message. So grab that pen and put the card giants to shame!
Bouquet of Flowers Blank Greeting Card
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If writing down your thoughts aren't working stir up any ideas, wearing this inspirational necklace may be not only a great accessory, but a motivator. Cindy and Marilyn, a mother-daughter team, create classic pieces of jewelry in their shop CK Silver. These sterling silver pieces are beautiful, timeless, elegant and unique incorporating freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystal.

Fancy Jasper Inspirational Necklace
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As a member of BESTeam (Boosting Etsy Shops Team) myself, along with the members of this team promote each other by blogging, Twitter, Facebook, in treasuries, etc. For more information please visit: Boosting Etsy Shops Team or the Etsy team page.


  1. Thank you for this sweet feature!

    Cindy (cksilver)

  2. great feature. I have purchased from Empty on the Inside, and Annie's cards are even more beautiful in person.

  3. Thank you so much for the feature! This made my day! :) -Shirley

  4. Thanks so much, Danielle! Such nice features! (And thanks, Debbi!)