Sunday, January 23, 2011

I've Been Awarded!

To my delight when I was doing my routine checks of my email I received the message from Our Home To Yours that I have been honored to be given these awards!! This mother/daughter team has a wonderful Etsy shop with crocheted items as well as some other great handmade artistery. They are also fellow members of the BESTeam. Be sure to check out their shop and
Here is what I now need to do:
:: Link back and thank my award giver. Thank you Our Home To Yours!
:: List 7 things about yourself that others may not know.
:: Chose 15 blogs deserving of these awards, and let them know.
7 Things About Me::
1 - I knew I wanted to study and become a Graphic Designer since middle school.
2 - I took dance lessons from the age of 4 til I was 18...I took ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and lyrical.
3 - I LOVE sports and am anxiously awaiting 2 o'clock to come so I can watch the Bears beat the Packers ;)
4 - The 3 cities I've lived in all start with the letter 'P'
5 - I used to HATE pink, but not my favorite color is hot pink (I still dislike what I call "baby pink")
6 - I've only flown once (well twice if you count the way back). This was for a wedding in Mexico which I think was the perfect first flight destination :) This also happened to be right at the news breaking about the Swine Flu!
7 - I love the Game Show Network and think I would be a good contestant on any sort of word game.
My 15 Blog Picks (in no particular order)


  1. Congrats on winning the blog awards...and thanks for choosing my blog too!
    I too am cheering for the Bears today!

    Off The Wall Expressions on Etsy

  2. Thank you SO much, Danizabeth! What a pleasure to be honoured by you - I'm thrilled you like Just the Goods's simple (and stylish!) blog =-)
    I'm out of the country right now, but looking forward to passing this honour on to other crafy blogger when I get back to Winnipeg =-)
    Thank you again and all the very best!
    - m.