Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: Paradise Purls

I have an appreciation for people who can knit as it is something I would like to learn myself. Paradise Purls is a self-taught knitter learning from a "how to" book and a little help from friends. After leaving the corporate world and becoming a stay at home Mom, she found that an outlet to express her creativity was necessary. Initially, knitting was not something that interested her despite several friends enjoying the craft. Curiousity got the best of Elizabeth and she now creates beautiful items from scarves to knitted bracelets!

I'm amazed by the fact this is a crocheted bracelet! This particular bracelet includes gold, black, pink and pearl-like white with a silver plated toggle clasp. The size is suitable for a teen or small-wristed woman, but a custom order can be placed to fit any requested size.

The yellow of this neck warmer makes me smile. It is just the perfect shade to brighten your day. The wide rib allows for the warmer to be stretched over your head. Wear it scrunched or folded like a turtleneck. From top to bottom it measures 7.5" and is appr. 7" in diameter and made of 100% cotton.

It's not much of a secret that I LOVE hot pink so this scarf instantly caught my eye! This dual purpose scarf will not only keep you warm, but can also be the perfect fashion accessory in those chilly months. It is hand knit with a wool/soy blend yarn in stripes of pink, plum and tan.

If you like these items you'll be sure to love the other items in Paradise Purls' Etsy shop {
click here} If you have a little one, be sure to take advantage of her knit cotton baby hat sale for $12 each! Don't forget to read her blog at and become a fan on Facebook. Also check out her beaded jewelry shop


  1. Omigosh, what a wonderful feature! Thank you so much. :D

  2. Wonderful! I admire people who can knit this well. Beautiful!!


  3. I am still amazed that one can knit a bracelet.

  4. What a great group of items! I agree that pink scarf is fantastic!

  5. I really like that bright yellow neck warmer!

  6. Love the neck warmer, always wanted one of those!