Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BESTeam Feature :: Just the Goods

I seem to be the person who has accumulated various lotions and bath gels I've received for holidays. They sit on my linen closet shelf in their plastic packaging containing who knows what sort of ingredients and dyes and not much thought goes into the product other than "I wonder what I should do with all of these shower gels?!" The products offered from Just the Goods make me wish my shelves were filled with their product instead (actually they probably wouldn't even last on my shelves because the products look just that awesome!)

Just the Goods offers handmade, affordable, natural and cruelty-free cosmetics. I love what they stand for so much I'd rather not paraphrase, but let you read for yourself their own words about their products:

"Every day indulgences shouldn’t cost the earth or our health. It is affordable to look and feel great without unnecessary exposure to petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial fragrances, dyes and flavours. Everything we make features “just the goods” and nothing else. Most of our items are made without animal-derived ingredients and we are striving toward a 100% vegan selection.

And what’s the point of wasteful packaging, anyway? Most of our products come in re-useable canning jars and the price for these items includes a $1.00 refundable deposit that you can use toward your next purchase. To facilitate shipping and to support different types of products (i.e. lotions, toners, lip balm, etc.) we also offer products in re-useable HDPE plastic bottles, which is considered one of the safest forms of plastics."

How cool is that?! As if the attention to a great product isn't enough, the fact they are conscience of the packaging has won me over. The current product line-up includes shaving solids, body butters, natural toothpaste, bath melts and some facial skin care items. Be sure to check back as deodorant sticks, moisturizers, aromatherapeutic fragrance oils and solids and more will be coming soon!

Below I have chosen three of my favorite products:

{1} Vegan Peppermint Ginger Foot Butter

This sounds like the perfect way to end a long day of work. I'm almost more relaxed just thinking about it ;)

{2} Lip Balm and/or Tints

A perfect way to treat your lips with the start of colder weather. These are not vegan, made from lanolin, but vegan options are coming soon. With flavors like peppermint, lavender, sweet orange or sweet fennel your lips will be sure to be happy!

{3} Vegan Extra Moisturizing Shaving Cream Solid

For the men in your life, this shaving cream came about as a solution to Just the Goods' partner developing persistent razor burn and bumps. After the source was discovered to be the harsh and clogging petro-chemicals in conventional shaving cream a quest to develop an alternative was started. From experimentation came this milder, moisturizing soap infused with essential oils. Plus, the wooden shaving brush is included in the listing!

For these products and others be sure to visit Just the Goods {click here}. Also check out these other Just the Goods sites:
Twitter! http://twitter.com/justthegoods
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/justthegoods
Blog! http://justthegoods.wordpress.com
Their very own website: http://www.justthegoods.net


  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for your kind words!! I'm thrilled you like the look and sound of Just the Goods =-) =-) =-)

  2. Wow, what a thoughtful company. Literally, they have put a lot of thought into what they sell and how they will sell it.